Abolish 153 Award of Chaillot Prize 2016 for Human Rights in the GCC


May 8, 2017

The Campaign to Abolish Article 153 of the Kuwaiti Penal Code aims at promoting non-violent culture and spreading awareness against all types of violence that have become increasingly observed in Kuwaiti society recently, especially violence against children and women. The recognition of this independent campaign by the European Union’s Chaillot Prize for Human Rights is an international tribute to Kuwait’s vibrant civil society and its vital role in bringing about change. The ceremony, which was held at Dar Hamad at 9:00 am on Monday, May 8, 2017, featured a presentation of the prize by the EU Managing Director in the GCC Nicholas Westcott, the Ambassador of Malta (currently presiding over the European Union) Patrick Cole, the French, Belgian and German Ambassadors who have been strong supporters of the cause, the Ambassadors of Hungary, Spain, Austria, Greece and the Netherlands and a representative of the UK. The US ambassador to Kuwait Laurence Silverman, who is a great supporter of the campaign, also attended the event, along with representatives of the Kuwaiti civil society and those interested in human rights issues.

In the three years since the establishment of the campaign, and through cooperating with volunteer committees and other public benefit organizations, the campaign’s programs have been trying to consolidate and develop Kuwaiti society culturally and morally to reduce violence and to promote peaceful coexistence especially by enacting strict, firm and effective laws. Therefore, the campaign works with the legislators of the State to give birth to legislations that protect against domestic violence and to amend and abolish others in order to safeguard the dignity of all; every resident and citizen.

One of the fundamental criteria for the advancement of nations is the preservation of the dignity of individuals and the preservation of freedoms and rights. The campaign to abolish Article 153 includes studies, lectures and training programs to empower the public and raise awareness about the violation of women’s rights in some laws. Kuwaiti women have proved their worth in various fields, and their protection and equality is a guaranteed right within the articles of the Constitution of the State of Kuwait.

Petition for Abolish Article 153

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