GBV Prevention and Self Defense Training

December 4,5,6, Saturday, 2017

Kuwait Sport Club

Lina Khalifeh “SheFighter”

SheFighter is the 1st Self-Defense Studio for women in Jordan and the Middle East, designed to empower women both physically and physiologically through Self-Defense Training.


Learning SheFigher’s Self-Defense techniques will not only give women the opportunity to defend themselves in difficult situations, but will also build up their self-esteem.


Abolish 153 and SheFighter are merging academic and physical studies of GBV prevention to provide local activists who deal with human rights issue the techniques for self-defense while simultaneously learning the important themes of GBV prevention.


The training will aid participants to be confident, secure and strong to defend themselves from potential situations of violence when dealing with victims of abuse and/or their perpetrators. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge on GBV prevention.

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