Training Local Teachers and University Professors on violence prevention

We invite local teachers and professors to join our Arabic training, on how to cope with students facing abuse or domestic violence, as well as identifying signs of abuse.


شاركونا في تدريب للمدرسات و الاساتذة عن طرق التعامل مع الطلاب المعنفين او الطلاب المعرضين للعنف الاسري. ما هي طرق الوقاية؟ ما دور المدرسة في حل هذه المشكلة؟

March 24,  2018 at 9-1pm

Al Hamra Tower, 55th floor

Language: Arabic

Sign Petition and Join Abolish 153 Community in Kuwait

Petition for Abolish Article 153

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