In pursuit of change through action, “Sajelni” is working on holding the first ever voter registration drive in Kuwait and the Middle East. After getting the numbers and doing proper research, female voters under the age of 35 are almost twice as likely to be under-registered as male voters generally. In many areas in Kuwait (both tribal and urban) between 25% to 50% of eligible women are not registered to vote. While we will be registering all eligible voters that approach us, our focus will be on female voters. In cooperation with Abolish 153, a Kuwait-based advocacy campaign, we will offer all the information needed for people to independently register themselves.

In February 2020, we plan to have the largest possible number of eligible and unregistered female voters in Kuwait to register, but our mission doesn’t stop there. We plan to actively engage the registrants to express their voice in the upcoming election by exerting pressure on candidates to adopt a platform that expands women’s rights in Kuwait.


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