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Founding Members

Alanoud Alsharekh

Alanoud Alsharekh is a consultant researcher who works on sociopolitical, cultural and security issues in the Arabian Gulf region.

She has been Visiting Fellow conducting research on GCC demographics at the LMEI, SOAS, Senior Fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, Senior Political Analyst at the Kuwait National Security Bureau and worked as a gender politics consultant for the Supreme Council of Planning and Development (Kuwait), UNIFEM, Freedom House, and the UNDP on academic and social outreach projects in Kuwait and the GCC. She holds a BA from King’s College, London and a Master’s and PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Her teaching posts include Kuwait University, Gulf University of Science and Technology, the Arab Open University, visiting lecturer at Uppsala University, Sweden, and Fulbright Scholar on Women and Islam at Whittier College, USA. Her work won the Arab Prize for best publication in a foreign journal for 2013-2014, and the Voices of Success Kuwait Award in 2012. She has published several books and articles on gender, socio-political culture and kinship policies in the GCC, including:

Angry Words, Softly Spoken

Challenging Limitation: The Redefinition of Roles for Women in the GCC

The Gulf Family

Popular and Political Cultures of the Arabian Gulf States

Lulu M Al Sabah

Lulu M Al-Sabah is the former Director of the Middle East at Phillips de Pury & Company. Ms. Al-Sabah previously contributed to Canvas magazine and to Eastern Art Report. She currently contributes to Tribe magazine, which specializes on photography from the Arab world. In 2008 she curated an exhibition on modern artists from the Middle East at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Ms. Al-Sabah launched JAMM, an art advisory company, in 2009 and hosted the first contemporary art auction in Kuwait in 2010 with further editions in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Since 2010, JAMM has hosted exhibitions in London, Kuwait and Dubai. She established a permanent exhibition space in Dubai in 2012.

JAMM offers a comprehensive art-management and consultancy service to private and corporate clients and deals predominantly with new and existing art collection management, commissioning of artworks, exhibitions and contemporary art auctions. Since 2015, Ms. Al-Sabah has curated exhibitions to fundraise for Abolish153

Sheikha Al Nafisi

Sheikha Al Nafisi participated in the campaign for women to vote in Kuwait, up until 2005. She co-owned a contemporary art gallery in Kuwait from 2001 to 2005 and continues to be involved in the art scene in the Middle East. Al-Nafisi also has 7 years of restaurant consultancy experience and produced two T.V. cooking shows.

As a young ambassador for the “Hayatt breast cancer foundation”, she has organized art events to raise funds and awareness. Al-Nafisi has been part of the “Peace one day” organization team for 3 years in a row.

Amira Behbehani

Amira Behbehani is a Kuwaiti self taught artist who began painting in 2001-2003 and participated in various international and local art exhibitions. In 2011 got involved in an international peace organization called PEACE ONE DAY and marked Kuwait the first Arab country to celebrate peace on the 21 September 2012, and in 2013 was appointed as the peace ambassador for WPMP (Peace Project Marker Project) in Kuwait.

Sundus Hamza

Sundus Hamza is the Managing Director of Al Abjar Holding Company. Her previous experience includes working as the CEO for Gulf Consulting Services and as Banking and Finance Manager for IBM Kuwait. Sundus Hussain excels at strategic planning, business strategy, change management and marketing strategy.

She graduated from Boston University and in conjunction with her professional career, has been involved as political activist to further democratic practices in Kuwait. Hamza worked as a consultant volunteer for Bait Abdullah BACCH, a children’s hospice. She co-founded Bayt Al Khidmah, an advocacy group for the protection of domestic workers in Kuwait, among other NGO engagements.


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